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An effortless way of antiquing your metals.
Make Up is a multipurpose browning, blackening and antiquing concentrate for copper, brass, bronze, galvanized metals, iron and steels. Make up produces instant results and is suitable for both manual and automatic finishing lines.

The solution contains special additives that produce excellent results without much effort. colour and reaction speed can be easily controlled by dilution with water.

  • The surface to be treated should be free from all kinds of impurities like oils, greases, oxides, dust and plating residues. The surface which is supposed to be treated should not. Be lacquered or waxed surface. The better the surface preparation is done, the better and closer will be the results produced. If required, wire brushing should also be done to product fresh surface. Special care should be! taken while performing this operation.
  • A clean water rinse should be followed which removes residues from above operation.
  • The concentrate can be used as It is or can be diluted;with water depending upon the results desired. Small Parts are immersed for 1-2 min. or until desired colour is developed (For big parts, the concentrate can be applied by brush or soft cloth.
  • A clean water rinse will stop the reaction and maintain the colour produced from the above operation.
  • After the desired result is obtained, the part should be properly protected either by coating with a good lacquer, sealer, wax or oil.