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MakeUp Rust Remover is a unique blend of specialty chemicals ideally suited for use where rusted objects are to be cleaned free of Rust and prepared for painting or priming. Make Up Rust Remover efficiently dissolves rust and provides an etched surface which guarantees improved paint adhesive.
  • Make Up Rust Remover is a trifunctional compound it degreases, derusts and phosphatises in one operation.
  • Make Up Rust Remover removes old rust and gives an iron phosphate to prevent further rusting.
  • Make Up Rust Remover's high concentration allows economical dilution.
  • No heat is required during operation.
  • All loose flaking rust and dirt are to be removed from the surface and a generous application of Make Up Rust Remover is to be applied over the area to be treated. This should be left to react depending upon the severity of the rust buildup. For extremely heavy deposits, a second application may be required.
  • If treated area is not to painted, yet a rust resistant surface is desired, simply wipe off any surplus  Rust Remover and leave to dry.
  • If the surface is to painted, best results are obtained by completely rinsing off all the Rust Remover and allow the surface to dry completely before painting.
  • In order to get proper results, we recommend that a trial be performed on a small inconspicuous area to ascertain the suitability prior to use
DILUTION: For removing mild rust, dilute Make Up Rust Remover with ordinary water in the ratio 1: 2 (one part Rust Remover and two parts of water). In case of heavy rust, direct use of Make Up Rust Remover is recommended.
CAUTION: Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. Use gloves while working.